Three Chicks Arrested After Twerking, Peeing in City Hall Parking Lot

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Three women in their early 20s were arrested in Beaverton, OR on Monday after they were spotted twerking in front of municipal court windows. One of them allegedly peed in between two cop cars while her friend filmed it. They were stopped by police, who reportedly discovered the girls were in possession of coke, meth and weed.


Except it totally was not meth, according to Leokham Yothsombath (above, center), 22, on her Facebook page. She posted this to her timeline:

It was no meth it was molly obviously cut with meth!!!

Yothsombath had gone to Beaverton City Hall with her friends, 20-year-old Christie Coura (above, left) and 20-year-old Brittney Medak (above, right), so that Coura could pay a fine on a warrant. After leaving the building, Coura and Medak began twerking in the parking lot—described by one local paper as "a dance move involving posterior gyrations made famous by pop singer Miley Cyrus"—where Medak then allegedly urinated between two parked cop cars while Yothsombath filmed the whole show.

Court employees were not happy and claimed that Coura and Medak had "exposed their genitals," so they called the cops. The girls were stopped by police just after leaving the parking lot. They were searched and cops allegedly found them in possession of cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine (which Yothsombath swears was simply Molly cut with meth). They were arrested and booked on multiple charges including drug possession, disorderly conduct and tampering with drug records.

Several hours before their arrest, the girls were apparently partying.


Judging from her Instagram account Coura—who has something of an Internet following (she's been featured on The Dirty before, as has Medak)—loves selfies, twerking, Rihanna and weed.

These girls seem fun.


Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

I like how the twerking is such a focus here. Because, y'know, it's not the drugs and public urination. It's the ass gyrations.