This One Product Will Save Your Summer

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For all the new stylistic possibilities warm weather brings, those lewks are not without their downfalls. Strapless bras that don’t fit, skirts where your panty line shows... it’s all a new struggle, isn’t it? But there is one trick, a trick you may even be aware of already, that has changed what happens to my sandal-ridden feet drastically.


Enter Band Aid’s Friction Block Stick, a small but perfect item that has at this point probably prevented me from developing literal hundreds of bad blisters. A clear, spread-on solid that’s basically like a deodorant stick, you just rub it on the parts of your feet where you think you’re bound to get a blister as you adjust back into those sandals you haven’t worn in nine months, and voilá!... Nothing happens. Your feet stay blister-free, and you don’t have to play that fun game where you switch between shoes that don’t rub that part of your feet as your gaping wounds heal.

There’s literally no catch to this product, which in this cruel capitalistic world is a rarity. It fits easily in basically any purse, should you worry you might need to reapply after a long day (I rarely do), doesn’t stain your shoes, lasts forever and is purchasable at any drugstore in the area where, yes, they sell band aids (which you won’t have to buy anymore, at least for feet blisters!). The only catch might be that, as it was explained to me by the friend who introduced it to me, it’s essentially exactly the same thing as the chafing sticks runners use so the insides of their thighs and other parts don’t cause them pain after long runs, which means price-wise, it’s a bit of a rip off. No matter. I love it and so will you.


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Captain Janeway

i bought that body glide chafing stick thing for my thighs but it didn’t work. it was just sticky and almost made the problem worse. i love wearing dresses but hate wearing shorts underneath, because that defeats the entire purpose. wtf is the solution????