This No-Waiter Restaurant Gives You Prizes For Finishing Your Food

On one hand, this place looks dope as hell. I finish five plates and I get a toy? Hell yes.


On the other hand, I bet working in that restaurant is a pain in the ass. Ordering systems always breaking, customers hitting the special button for human help all the time, and then a whole lengthy process of teaching new customers just how to order their damn food. It's kinda like how self-checkout slows everyone the fuck down — we need cashiers for a reason! Humans are terrible at learning new things!

That said, I want to eat there immediately.

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Kaykay says spring is here

They have places a bit like this in Japan. THEY ARE THE FUCKING BEST.

You sit down and order everything off the touch screen computer at the end of the table. Then waiters come and drop it off and quickly fuck off again. When you want to pay you can either do it on the machines, or press the button to pay then someone comes along. And the restaurant was really cheap food as well.

God I miss that place. It was so much better than here, when you can be sitting at a table for a good 15 minutes (even when it's not busy) waiting for a waiter to come along and ask you what you want to drink. Then it's kind of chance when they decide to show up again so you can order.