If your tyrant parents didn't allow you to consume super fun TV or super fun plastic toys, you might've been raised playing more homespun games like "Butter Knives in Tupperware" and "Put the Wooden Block in the Bathtub". First, IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT YOUR PARENTS WERE HIPPIE LUNATICS. Second, you might enjoy this My Little Pony Applejack automaton. Actually, everyone who's a fan of Lauren Faust's outstanding My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Which, I think, is all of us?

Reminiscent of toys from days of yore (or if you had terrible parents), this wooden crank toy is pretty fucking adorable. Although explicitly not for kids, I'm guessing older kids would very much appreciate it. It's one of a kind though, and only available via competition and tons of cash.


The eBay listing reads:

No pony appreciates a good days work more than Applejack. She loves the hard-earned life so much that she doesn't even look like she's working at all! Of course, not everybody is gifted with the talent for apple bucking. It's also an untold mystery as to how she can send each and every single apple into a bushel with nary a one touching the ground. But I think her ever faithful, canine companion Winona has rooted that secret out. That or she's on the lookout for bad apples.

The figures, stand, tree and bushel are carved out of Philippine mahogany while the gears and apples are made out of Narra hardwood. They're painted in enamel and protected by clear flat lacquer. Applejack stands at 5 1/8" tall (with her hat down) while the entire complete piece measures 11 3/4" high, 9 1/2" long, and 3 1/2" wide. It took 161 hours to complete.

It's at $310 with about 8 days to go. God speed, little pony heads!

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