My partner and I got into a car accident in December (not our fault! The other driver was wearing new shoes and somehow got them stuck on the brake) (I don't drive so I have no idea how that happens) and aside from the panic attack I had when we were struck and the burrito I ate afterwards, the only thing I remember is the other driver's amazing nail art. In fact, I cropped and saved the photo she took holding her insurance card because if I ever decide to get a full-on manicure I will also want my nails to feature hearts and snowflakes on a bright red background. (How do they make those snowflakes look so perfect?)

If Christmas nail art isn't your thing, perhaps adorning your fingers with pieces of burned books (or newspaper) will be more to your liking. Luckily, there's now a tutorial for how to make your hands look like they're straight out of Fahrenheit 451 without actually burning anything (could you imagine actually burning a book? My heart skips a beat just thinking about it) thanks to Glitterfingersss, who's created this amazing look and put together a tutorial for the rest of us. The tutorial includes no actual fire and the look can be achieved in just nine steps, but I bet it take a little bit of practice to get the amazing results in the picture.

Image via Imgur