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This Man Is Probably Banksy

IS THIS YOU BANKSY? IS IT? / Image via Getty
IS THIS YOU BANKSY? IS IT? / Image via Getty

Banksy, the mysterious English graffiti artist who makes apparently mind-blowing art about how Disney is evil or something, might have had his identity revealed this week.


Banksy has long been suspected to be the musician Robert Del Naja, a founding member of the celebrated trip-hop band Massive Attack. And in a recent interview about the commodification of graffiti, British DJ Goldie accidentally referred to Banksy as “Robert” before quickly dropping the subject. Damn Goldie!

An investigation by journalist Craig Williams last year concluded that Del Naja was probably the ringleader of a group of artists who go by Banksy by tracking new artworks in locations where Massive Attack was performing. Del Naja was also formerly a graffiti artist before making music and has said before that he is a close friend of Banksy’s several times. Which, word of advice, if you don’t want to be discovered as the man behind Banksy maybe don’t go around talking about how buddy-buddy you are with him? Just a thought.


And to think, all this time I thought it was probably one of the Gallagher brothers!

Correction: a previous version of this post stated that the Daily Mail investigated Banksy’s identity. In fact, it was journalist Craig Williams. Jezebel regrets the error.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Why the Banksy hate Jezebel? This article sounds like the kid at school who is too cool for EVERYTHING and hates it ALL.

Granted I have never looked too far into Banksy but what I’ve seen and my impression is that in general his art is thoughtful and aims to highlight social issues. It doesn’t seem to be a commercial money maker or fame grab. What’s the problem?