This Jennifer Lawrence Getting Married Thing Is Really Happening

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Jennifer Lawrence celebrated her engagement to Cooke Maroney over the weekend in this lovely, $2,300 chiffon dress designed by her cousin, Lauren Wells. I guess this means our young Jennifer, who it seems like just yesterday was getting stoned and yelling at a lady in a Porta Potty, is growing up.


I’m going to miss Single Jennifer Lawrence, not because I think being married is going to tone her down at all, but because I have so enjoyed trying to find a coherent theme to the men she’s dated over the years. Nicholas Hoult? Chris Martin? Darren Aronofsky? What even is a Cooke Maroney?! How does this woman, who asked Kim Kardashian on national television if she farts, keep finding these seemingly very self-serious men? Opposites truly must attract.


Kacey Musgraves denied her Australian fans the (apparently) cherished tradition of drinking out of a shoe. Honestly she was wearing a sandal, what is she supposed to do?

Meanwhile, here in ‘Merica, we can’t even eat one another’s unfinished food without inciting a full internet meltdown.


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Cooke Maroney is a white dude name generator-ass name.