If you've already bought a box of valentines to give out to your friends, dump it in the trash and set the entire thing on fire, because there's only one type of valentine that's okay to hand to your special chum this year and it's the one that has a picture of Katy Perry's dancing shark on it. All other cards exit to the left.

It will only be a matter of time before the dancing shark meme is over. Maybe even before Valentine's day. Maybe even tomorrow. Perhaps it's over even now as you're reading this paragraph, gently rolling your eyes at the fact that no one will shut up about a grown man in a costume not knowing some macarena-looking dance moves on national television. So before we all stop identifying with the shark โ€” and that's what this is about, identifying with some good-natured humiliation on a colossal scale โ€” let's celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year with this printable valentine that no one will be able to resist (as long as you also give them an expensive gift and buy them dinner).


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