Being written up at work is always an awkward and terrible experience. At the video store where I worked, we didn't have write-ups, we just had "mop duty" which ws only given to those of us who had somehow messed up. In the world outside of the video store, however, write ups abound. The person who got the following warning (posted on imgur) was definitely doing something right.

It's understandable that other employees would find hearing "this is how we glue it" annoying to hear more than once, but it's still pretty hilarious to see someone clearly really enjoying at least one part of their job. But I say this as someone who has been reprimanded several times for singing "Let It Go" in Spanish in the hallways. I haven't been written up yet, but I'm sure that if I am "be quieter" will also appear on the permanent record.

The commenters on Reddit are sharing their own best firing stories. Nothing will beat this one, but the user whose friend was fired for insisting on counting everything like the count from Sesame Street comes close. Let's just hope all of these stories are true!

Image via imgur