This Is How You Live Forever: 103-Year-Old Man Walks the Mall Everyday

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Mekey Yetashawork, a retired pharmacist in Denver, walks the perimeter of his local mall daily. He credits it for keeping him alive to 103 years old, and I totally believe that. Walking is the best! If you can physically do it, the health rewards are great, and the risks are small. Plus, you get out in the world and strut your stuff. What could be better?


You have to watch the video below, it's too wonderful, and the quotes from the newscaster are pure gold, too:

"Moving forward is Mekey's philosophy, even when he has to sit!"
"This retired pharmacist has taught himself ten languages, yet the language he probably speaks best is with his body."
"You see, at this age, all his friends know him and love him because of his age."


So, how does Mekey do it? He eats once a day to let his stomach rest, doesn't care what you think of his crocs, prays a lot, and is always Yetashaworking it.

[The Grio]

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Friggin' mall walkers. That sentiment probably comes from working at the mall (yay me), I get having a safe place to walk, but a) department stores (like the place where I am currently scarfing a quick lunch before going back to providing bra fits for the misguided masses) are not the mall at large, so walk out there where you aren't making people's jobs harder b) if you insist on walking in stores, not the mall itself, at least be kind to we retail folk who offer you help under the impression that you might be here to shop, you know, like most people do when they enter a store. Ok, inarticulate rant over, I need to finish my lunch in time for my daily visit from two mall walking hippies who disdain the retail industrial complex (welcome to the club) but still like our good lighting and steady temps.