This Is How Men React to Being Catcalled by a Woman

Leah Green from The Guardian took to the streets of London with a hidden camera to see how unsuspecting men react when they are the targets of the same sexist taunts, insults and catcalls that women are subjected to every day.


All of the situations presented in the video—suggesting that two men make out, requesting a woman to help her in a hardware store because she'd know more than a man, discussing a group of men's pubic grooming habits, etc.—are based on real encounters that women have submitted to the Everyday Sexism Project, both on its site and on Twitter.

Most of the men who were approached were simply confused. They've probably never been spoken to like that before, whereas it's a common occurrence for many women. Interestingly, the construction workers didn't like being catcalled at all, however, the men who were propositioned to go home with Green after just meeting her were amused and apparently up for it.

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I love the Everyday Sexism Project, and I like this idea - but there's no guarantee that the guys who are the 'victims' here are the jerks who catcall, etc. What I'd like to see is a bunch of workers who are known, personally, for catcalling to be subjected to this at random and see how they react.