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This Is Cool: Get a Photo in Your InBox Every Day From a Stranger

Illustration for article titled This Is Cool: Get a Photo in Your InBox Every Day From a Stranger

Seriously — this is cool, not creepy. Well, it could be creepy, but it's well-curated so you're not receiving a photo of a different penis every day. Or any penises ever. Not that penises can't be beautiful and artistic. The point is — this is about cool photography, not unclothed penises*.


The idea behind PhotoYOLO (bestnameYOLO) is pretty simple — every day you get a photo delivered to your inbox from a stranger. However, the result is pretty magical — it's kind-of like getting a mini-birthday present every day. It just feels special! I'm as crabby as they come, but when I open an adorable cat photo from someone in Australia, I de-grinchify for a good five minutes.

Also, you have the opportunity to submit your own photo, too! So, uh, comb your Facebook photo albums and get a good one ready for when internet fame comes knocking on your door.


*That's a penis in a top hat and tails.


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PSA: DO NOT TYPE YOUR EMAIL HERE. This is just a picture. Kinja may be magical, but it's all creepy black magic that feasts on souls (and gifs) and not the good kind that sends you cat pictures.

Try the actual website instead.