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This Happy Bear Waving and Catching Bread Is Going To Make Me Lose It

There was only one reason I got out of bed this morning. Well, two, actually: 1) I had to go to work and 2) this shy and friendly bear waving for a loaf of bread. Listen, if this doesn’t make your entire day, you might as well go back to bed and wait until something cuter comes along. But that’ll be a while. Between this bear and the pajama-wearing goats, nothing’s going to top the squee leaderboard as hard for a long, long time.


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Erin Gloria Ryan

Mark, if you, like me, owned a dogeared copy of Bear Attacks, you’d know the park ranger maxim “a fed bear is a dead bear.” That’s because bears, when they begin to associate humans with food, often escalate to attacking humans when they realize that they’re made of meat.