This Dude Has Got to Be Kelly Rowland's Biggest Fan

Katie Couric had Kelly Rowland on her show today, and while the things she said were fine – she's happy for Beyoncé; it's no one's business who the guy in "Dirty Laundry" is ("He's a good guy and I'm really happy for him the way his life turned out"); Taylor Swift is a "gangster" for singing about her relationships – the best part was when a man we will now refer to as Kelly Rowland's Number One Fan hand-danced in the audience.


Katie spent this episode of Katie, which was devoted to Rowland and some of the women from 20 Feet From Stardom, basically demanding her guests sing for her. They must have been prepared for it because they gave pretty flawless performances. Or they're like, professionals, and do this all the time. Rowland's was fantastic; she sang part of her favorite karaoke song, Whitney Houston's "I'm Your Baby Tonight". This dude LOVED it.


Such a better version of the finger-dance some R&B singers do.

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I love him.