This Drunk-Friendly App Leads You to Strangers' Delicious Leftovers

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Who amongst us hasn't drunkenly indulged in a stranger's leftover beverages? Only me? Okay!

A new app called LeftoverSwap lets people get down on stranger's cold pizza and lingering Lo Mein. Welcome to dumpster diving for the new millennium! (Next stop, crowdsourcing your graywater system.)

Gothamist reports:

The premise is simple: If you've got some food you know you're not going to eat, snap its photo, add a description (Gently used Ben and Jerry's Half-Baked Ice Cream, good condition, light exterior wear and tear. Please note: Cookie dough has been removed) and post. A pin will drop alerting interested parties to you/your food's exact location.


This is great for someone like me, who understands and is comfortable with the fact that I'm almost definitely eating twenty percent rat hair every time I eat out. However, if you like to live in la la land where the food you eat is sanitized by cleanly elves before it travels betwixt your lips, then this probably isn't you.

However, be warned, when I downloaded the app, there was nothing available in my neck of the woods (LA) and a friend in Brooklyn warned that the hot items near him are 1/4 of a corona and 23 almonds. Good luck out there!

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Between the likelihood of being given something by someone cleaning out their fridge that they wouldn't themselves eat because it's really old and the possibility of some lunatic poisoning and/our kidnapping you, this sounds like a horrible idea.

Did no one read "Hansel and Gretel" to you when you were a kid, Laura?