This Drone Dressed as a Ghost Is Ready to Scare Kids to Death On Halloween

Here is an example of science gone too far.

Popular Mechanics

this video of a drone ghost happily flying through the air, looking for some children to terrify. Great to know you can now do it from a distance!


It’s pretty impressive watching this drone float about during daytime looking for souls to take. But can you imagine how terrifying it’d be at night? There you are, five years old, wandering happily through your neighborhood, not yet cognizant of your own mortality, and then this thing rolls up on you. No amount of full-size candy bars would console me after that happened. And I’m 31.

Of course, the drone you see above isn’t the only one in the game. Check out this monstrosity, which has one of those scary mannequin faces and lights up for maximum terror:

Let’s just all stay inside this year. How about that?

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This is the best use of technology ever.