This Disney-Themed Mural Is the Best Proposal You Will See This Week

Congratulations, everyone! We've hit another June which means that it's time to dust off our formal wear and head to wedding after glorious wedding where we will eat canapés (what is?) and hear about the magical proposal in 2-5 speeches given by the wedding party. Well, here's a proposal that is actually magical.

Henry Barnes spent two days and over 30 cans of spray paint creating a beautiful Beauty and The Beast-themed mural for his girlfriend Stacey Smith, with whom he's been with for three years (since they met at a call center, the most romantic of all places). When Barnes was done with his mural, he invited Smith to go to a coffee shop with him and then passed by his glorious piece of art without saying anything. And when Smith realized what she was looking at (oh shit, there's Cogsworth), she burst into tears and said yes. Wouldn't you? (Especially because this feels like the least embarrassing of all public proposals).


Check out the mural and more of Barnes' work on his Flickr. And good luck to you two crazy kids!

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