This Disney-Themed Light Show Is the Best Halloween Decoration of the Year

As someone who loves most major holidays, I’ve seen my fair share of neighborhood light shows put together by families to display their holiday cheer. Some are great, some are mediocre (a house down the street from me is lovingly referred to as “the house santa jizzed on” based on the fact that it’s just sparkles and white ropes of lights hanging down), and some, like the house you’ll see above, are pure masterpieces.

Blending whimsy, artistry, and the power of Mickey, this light show will take you on a trip around the universe of Disney villains, introducing you to each with lights and sounds and singing pumpkins. The content may not be too frightening for adults (unless little headstones scare you), but kids might be freaked out by the mean-looking gourds standing in for Ursula and Jafar. (I was.)


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