This Dental Practice Training Calendar Is the Creepiest Fucking Thing

What is this? You ask. Are these mutants? Or deformed Real Dolls (tm)? Or what happened in Eyes Without A Face? The truth is a little less exciting: these terrifying images are of dentist practice models.

Which brings us to the next terrifying point: your dentist practices on these things. And when he's drilling your teeth all he sees is this plastic model, which is probably why you get poked so much. Hey doc, my mouths filling with blood over here snjdncnxmxmmmph... annnnd I'm dead.


The models are in a perpetual open-mouthed state. In some instances this KIND OF works (model in sunshine, model running, model greeting boyfriend who is returning from molar-abscessistan) but in many cases, such as October, it doesn't. And that's where the real beauty lies: in gazing upon a family of these models as they scream silently in a pumpkin patch. Horrifying.

I'm not even sure which image is the most petrifying. Let's take a look.

October: Here's the aforementioned family of fucking creepers in a pumpkin patch.


September: Here are some fucking creepers in a school bus.


April: Here's a fucking creeper in a field of flowers.


March: Here's two fucking creepers stretching.


In conclusion, I'm never sleeping again.

[Imgur, h/t Mark Shrayber]

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