Right? That is the arm I want to read me Matilda as I fall asleep cuddled in it. This magical appendage belongs to Heather Warren, a kids' librarian at the Philadelphia Free Library.

First, is there any artist as delightful as Quentin Blake? Name names, if you can! And secondly, is there a job that could make me more sexually attracted to you than you being a kids' librarian? Maybe if you were actually Ms. Honey? Or ooh, if you were an ice cream truck driver who wasn't very good at your job and so nightly we had to eat all of the leftover ice cream before it melted because oops, your truck is broken, too. Sorry, this is getting dirty.


If you want to see some more detailed pics of Warren's arm, check out this gallery. Now, please excuse me so I can go reread Matilda whilst eating several ice cream sundaes.

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