This Cat Is a Vandal and a Thug

Someone call the cat equivalent of juvie (uh, the shelter?) and get this cat booked, STAT. The empty plastic bottles streets won't be safe until this hooligan is behind bars! And by behind bars, I mean bring him to my house for all the cuddles. The little bastard.


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Honest question: I understand they're fuzzy and cute-looking, but it seems to me (dog person) that cats are assholes. They all look at you with contempt in their eyes and seem to go out of their way to do nasty things all the time. What is the deal? Why do people (and especially women, seemingly - don't flame me, it's just an anecdotal observation) like cats so much? You KNOW they wouldn't hesitate to kill you if the size ratio was reversed. And incidentally, it seems from the other comments here that everyone KNOWS that cats are assholes, but their asshole tendencies are somehow endearing? Am I reading this correctly? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

Why not get a dog, who loves you so much that she would pull you out of a burning building?