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This Bear in a Swimming Pool Is a Big Summer Mood

Illustration for article titled This Bear in a Swimming Pool Is a Big Summer Mood
Image: ABC 7

Summer officially begins Thursday, June 21. But that’s stupid calendrical garbage because NATURE HERSELF has already announced the commencement of the season with our first viral news story about a bear trespassing in a swimming pool.


In 2015, it was a whole family of bears throwing a pool party. In 2016, it was this bear casually sitting on the pool stairs like my grandmother declining to get her hair wet. Last year it was this sporty bear swimming laps. And now, here we have this bear casually lolling around in the water, constantly looping back to the side like she expects somebody to arrive with an elaborately styled tropical beverage on a tray.


ABC 7 reported that this video was captured by an Altadena, California family that lives just outside the Angeles National Forest. “The bear padded in to the backyard Monday around noon, scoped out the pool and lowered itself in backwards over the edge.”

It’s June 12! If you don’t already have two trips to a lake and/or beach on your calendar—plus a pool party—what are you even doing?

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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A bear in your pool would really be a grisly discovery.