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This Bear Trespassing in a Swimming Pool Gets It

Illustration for article titled This Bear Trespassing in a Swimming Pool Gets It

Wow, it’s literally me when I finally snap and—after years of longing, envious looks—sneak into my friend’s neighbor’s aboveground backyard pool!


KTLA hastened to the scene, via the AP, yesterday, when a 250-pound female black bear wandered into La Cañada Flintridge, California, north of Los Angeles. Local cops and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife spent the day trailing her, trying to herd her back to her habitat. But clearly, she had other plans, and those plans involved a leisurely dip in one of the neighborhood swimming pools.

Look, it’s not like they were using the pool right that minute—they could loan it out to a hardworking bear sweltering in the afternoon heat. The water was just so inviting. How could she resist? Truly, bear, I understand.


After her dip, the bear climbed into a tree and took a nap for several hours. When she woke, she trundled back into the wilderness.

Ideal summer day. This bear gets it.

Screencap via KTLA.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

Sometimes I think about moving out to California, but then I remember there are no bears where I live.