This Amazing Impromptu Jam Session Will Make Your Afternoon

If you're into improvised jam sessions happening in front of grocery stores, you'd better head to Dallas, Texas because there's some good stuff happening in front of the local Kroger. This video, captured by a man on his way to the supermarket, shows a street musician playing acoustic guitar and singing. Ok, you think, that's fine, we have street musicians in my city. Yes, but do you have strangers putting down their groceries to rock out (well as much rocking as you can do with an acoustic guitar) with said street musicians? I live in a bustling metropolis and I can't even get people to say hello to me in front of the Safeway, let alone freestyle with me in front of the Redbox. (And even if we did form an impromptu boy band, we would never sound as on point as these guys. )

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That is not Austin.