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Welsh police are stunned and flummoxed by a huge mystery: Who stole an entire trailer worth of cookies from a factory and how exactly did they do it?


The BBC reports that an entire trailer of cookies, worth approximately $30,000 was stolen from a Burton’s Food LTD on June 17. It reappeared later, but was completely empty. Where did all the cookies go? Were they stolen by a pack of stoners who just needed something to much on this weekend or was the plot something more sinister? Authorities just don’t know.

The thing is, though, that cookies are an excellent thing to steal and it’s surprising that trailers of them don’t go missing more often. First, cookies are delicious and you can eat them all day long without consequence (as long as they are free or pilfered), and second, cookies are likely really easy to unload for quick cash. Unlike drugs, no one’s going to assume there’s a cookie crime syndicate operating out there, so reselling them could be easier and safer than reselling coke, for instance. This is a genius idea and I would not be shocked if this theft started a rash of cookie-related crime in Wales.


Burton’s food is helping police with their investigation. They’re asking anyone with leads (perhaps your neighbors just came into a small fortune of cookies?) to contact them as soon as possible.

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