They're Making Weed Flower Crowns Just in Time for Coachella

Festival fashion —with its fringe and floppy hats and Stevie-Nicks-would-never floaty dresses—will probably never die. But if you’re going to Coachella this year and feel compelled to participate in the gross sartorial tradition of dressing like you spent your gap year learning macrame and doing yoga on an Indonesian beach, maybe try a flower crown made of weed, instead.


Per Mashable (via SFist), Lowell Farms is selling a cannabis floral crown that you can purchase in time to make it to see Lady Gaga do whatever she damn wants to do at Coachella this year.

Each headpiece features the farm’s special Coachella Blend, and yes, you can smoke it. A limited quantity of crowns are available for buyers who pre-order Lowell Farms’ special Coachella pack from Palm Springs Safe Access in the Coachella Valley.

I would certainly hope that you could smoke it because what good would this shit be if it was some fake weed attached to a flower crown? While I hate flower crowns, I love weed and so this item sends a confusing message. The novelty of a flower crown with $60 worth of weed all up in it is almost enough to convince me to buy this item were I to attend Coachella this year, but the embarrassment I would feel wearing this shit on my head would be so much that I wouldn’t be able to actually enjoy myself or the quarter ounce of weed I was wearing on my head like a damn idiot.

Wouldn’t other Coachella attendees try to like, swipe some of the weed from the crown? Wouldn’t you have to be super vigilant to make sure that doesn’t happen, depleting whatever fun you’d have in favor of nervously clutching the thing to your head the whole time? Like most festie fashion, this thing raises a lot more questions than it answers.

If you’re going to Coachella, you can pre-order this thing from Palm Springs Safe Access, which is conveniently located 15 minutes outside the festival gates. They’ll sell out, I’m sure, but maybe you can Pinterest your way to a lesser version if this really strikes your fancy.

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Question: I’m really interested in many of the “Bohemian” and “fairy” styled clothing on Etsy. Is any of it practical to wear around everywhere in the summer? I mean, will people laugh and point?