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They're Back, Obvi

Nicki Minaj finally took the good advice that she should dump Meek Mill. She is now posting pics with her very dear friend Drake again, from whom she was cruelly separated by his long and ridiculous beef with her former boyfriend. In this, at least, all is as it should be.


TMZ reports that Nicki Minaj and Drake have supposedly not spoken since 2014, when they recorded “Truffle Butter.” The photos posted to Nicki Minaj’s Instagram on Wednesday (and simultaneously on Drake’s) also show the two posing with Lil Wayne, who looks as happy as we all should be about this:


The pics were supposedly taken on January 12, just a week after Nicki made her break-up official on Twitter. Drake apparently saw Nicki and Lil Wayne on an ESPN segment together, and called up Mack Maine to set up a Young Money reunion. Meek Mill was never gonna keep these two apart forever, but the speed with which they rectified the problem after his exit is very satisfying. Friends 4 ever.

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That pic of them, the OG Young Money crew makes me smile. They made great music together back in the beginning. Good for you Onika.

Also Drake: