They Made Prince Andrew Clear Out His Buckingham Palace Office

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Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, was told to vacate his office and remove his staff at Buckingham Palace on Friday, The Times of London reported. This follows his Wednesday announcement that Andrew officially stepped back from public duties, releasing a long statement on Twitter. (It wasn’t a Notes app though because the Royals still have dignity.)


The Times of London reported that Andrew’s private secretary, Amanda Thirsk, was let go because of how she encouraged Andrew to take part in the BBC interview. She had been with the royal since 2004. Thirsk will still run Andrew’s Apprentice-style (lol) contest to help emerging businesses now known as Pitch, previously known as Pitch@Palace, the Telegraph reported.

You can watch the entire nearly 50-minute BBC interview on YouTube. It is even more ham-handed than the quotes we highlighted in our coverage last week.

People reported that a “royal source” said a lot won’t change despite Andrew stepping down and losing offices: “He remains a member of the royal family. As a royal colonel and a war veteran, you can expect to see him at Remembrance Sunday. You can expect to see him on the balcony at Trooping the Colour too.”

It’s likely that Andrew will retain his title and place in the succession line, too, People reported. But, maybe this is the move that fully kills Andrew’s idea of a second interview about Epstein.


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There was a black version as well as the final floral version, but now she likes that they went with floral. “Now it’s like sick,” Kardashian West said. [People]

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Good for Beck for getting out, but it’s silly for him to pretend like we were all just imagining him being a Scientologist when he explicitly said he was in a 2005 interview.