They Love Him!

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Great news for Michelle Williams (the singer), who recently announced her engagement to Chad Johnson (the pastor)—her friends, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland love him! They do.

I know that they love him because People said so, and I believe this news because I want what’s best for Michelle Williams. I also know that when people say they “love” someone that their friend/former bandmate/sister from another mister is dating, there’s a chance they’re just being nice.

Or it could be sincere. Kelly Rowland loves him so much that she demands to see him when she FaceTimes Michelle:

“Even when we’re together and I FaceTime her and Chad is with me, she’s like, ‘Where’s Chad? Where’s Chad?’” says Williams, adding with a laugh: “So I’m chopped liver, you know.”


Beyoncé and Jay-Z met Chad Johnson (not the football player) at Made in America. We do not know how much they loved him and likely will never know because Beyoncé is not trying to give a statement to People about a man that, per Bossip, may or may have once made a tweet in support of Trump—or any man, really. She keeps her mouth shut.

“Everybody he’s met, they love him! I didn’t want somebody who people are standoffish with. And I think it lets me know that they see what I see.”

Congratulations, again, Michelle! It’s nice that they love him.

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I believe the bigger question is: what does Solange think?