They Finally Designed a Hospital Gown That Covers Your Ass

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The hospital gown of the future is finally here. Why did it take people this long for hospital gown manufactures to design a gown that doesn't needlessly expose butts?


The Innovation Institute at Henry Ford has come up with a gown that wraps around the patient, much like a robe or a spa-issued garment, that closes with snaps—instead of ties—at the front, and is adjustable for size. There is also an access flap from the neck to the lower back that allows doctors to check for vitals when needed.

The gowns are currently being used at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, but plans are in the works for them to be sold nationwide. The cost is comprable to the old-style of gowns.


Hospital introduces new gown design: It has a back! [MSNBC]

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Sorry, as a CNA, the only thing I can think is what a pain in the ass it would be to get off of a bedridden incontinent patient without making a bigger mess. I always figured that was the point of the backless gowns, to provide more airflow for people who can't easily get out of the bed. We always made sure people were covered when they did get up, whether by using another gown backwards over the first, or providing pants and using the ties to cover their backs.