If this is what we're feeding our nation's children, we should not be surprised if they all grow up to be malnourished serial killers who only eat cat turds marinated in swamp sludge.

These foul pictures come from Fed Up, a blog run through Do Something, a nonprofit co-founded by Melrose Place's Andrew Shue! Remember their commercials starring Shue and his soccer ball? I do. BUT MOVING ON, Fed Up collected over 7,000 of students' school lunch photos over the past two months and had readers vote on whether they'd "eat it" or "toss it." Unfortunately, most of the lunches were fucking disgusting — and perhaps more disturbingly, very few of them fulfilled the USDA's new guidelines for school lunches. That sucks because those rules were put into place because kids need proper nourishment to do well in school. If we serve our children garbage, we can't expect much from them in the classroom. GET IT TOGETHER, AMERICA.