These Randy Cartoon Characters Will Make You Laugh Out Loud (NSFW)

Hornytoongifs is a new Tumblr that has been making the internet rounds since it exploded earlier this week. The blog, which started in January pairs together pictures of barely-clothed male models (okay, in some cases they are naked but genitals are blurred) with gifs of cartoon characters engaging in naughty behaviors. If you've ever wondered what would happen if Tina Belcher got to slap all the butts that she wanted or if The Count was counting down to an inappropriate photo of Alexander Skarsgard. (Actually, here's what would happen:)

And Here's Zangief doing what he does best: Dancing.

And here's Tina unleashing her primal scream on Gerard Butler:


The rest of the GIFS are pretty risque, so browse at your own


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