These Pin-Ups of the Founding Fathers Are (Surprisingly?) Sexy

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Who taught Jefferson how to twerk it? Was it a time-travelling Amanda Bynes? Tale as old as time...

These come from Publius-Esquire, and you have to look at all of them. I'm most partial to Hamilton, but Adams is really throwing some face. They'd all easily make it to the next round on ANTM.


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RaisedByHeathens Orange Meanie-Pants

In HS, back in the dark days of the internet(seriously, like three years out of Prodigy) one of my classes involved making a "website" on the schools intranet. The best one in the class would get put up on Angelfire (yeah. Process THAT young'uns) My website design? It was literally just pictures I scanned into the computer of Alexander Hamilton with saucy comments underneath them. (I may have worked for Washington, but I'll be your Chief of Staff; I believe one made a juvenile joke about banking on getting into your pants.)

It was a piss poor cheezburger history lols. I coulda been internet rich I tells you!

ETA- My efforts were not chosen- or even really appreciated.