These People Are Just So Happy to See Chadwick Boseman That It Makes Me Feel Nice to Be Alive

Screenshot: NBC

Black Panther is one of five nice things that have happened in 2018. This brief clip of Chadwick Boseman surprising people who are thanking him for making Black Panther is now number six.

Setting aside Jimmy Fallon’s presence and the fact that his presence is the very reason why this happened in the first place, it’s possible to enjoy this simple clip for what it is: people expressing genuine emotion and gratitude about a work of art.

Look how happy these people are to just be sharing their thoughts and feelings about Black Panther to a freaking movie poster in a weird room somewhere in Los Angeles. Look how excited they are when Chadwick Boseman strolls out from behind that red curtain. Part of me thinks that on some level the people chosen to speak their truth in front of a movie poster knew that something was afoot, but that doesn’t suck the joy out of this five minutes of sunshine.


Never mind the fact that Jimmy Fallon is there; just be grateful that for the most part, he stays out of the way.

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