Check out BBC Nature's Wildlife Photoographers of the Year winners, their pictures are goddamned awe-inspiring.

Sumantran Tiger, I want to hug you so badly, even if it also causes me to crap myself with fear and for you to eat me like the tasty little snack that I am. You are so fresh, you amazing Island subspecies! Since there are fewer than 600 of these wonderful beasts left in the world, it is our duty to try and hug as many as possible before they're gone. Single tear. The other animal I'd really like to hug but know I'll never be able to is the mighty snow leopard. That is a CAT who lives in the SNOW. Those fuckers are magical — all hiding in caves on white-capped mountains, huddled together for warmth, being all, "CAN A BROTHER GET A COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR JACKET UP HERE?" Also, possibly playing poker with some dogs. Hey, anything is possible, we know so little about them.

Wildlife Photos of the Year winners [BBC Nature]