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These Emmy Awards Lawn Signs in LA Are Weird

Illustration for article titled These Emmy Awards Lawn Signs in LA Are Weird

Uh, sorry to the dude down the street from me with the House of Cards lawn sign in your yard — my dog totally peed all over Kevin Spacey's smug face.


Sources tell us (OK, my landlord) that people are paid $50 — or subscriptions to Netflix and Starbucks gift cards — to display the posters to beg people to vote for something nobody outside of Hollywood gives a fuck about. Actually, the signs are pretty fitting, because the more you think about the entire Emmy voting process — buying your candidacy, hiring publicists and managers, throwing money at ad campaigns, clueless marketing companies — the more it's exactly like politics.

That said, I will totally put anything in my yard for a $5 Starbucks gift certificate. Netflix, call me!


[Via CapnJoy]

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some obscure reference

Ah, For Your Consideration season, when the ads go up everywhere and the goodies get handed out far and wide in hopes of reaching award voters.

I'm not a voter, but free Coolhaus "Killer Combo" ice cream sandwich ("The dark and light cookies in this sandwich represent the two sides of Dexter. Between them is a refreshing Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with a 'bloody' cherry swirl") was delicious. I think I may have eaten it while I watched a plane tow a BBC America banner touting the amazingness of Tatiana Maslany. (Who thoroughly deserves a nomination, but likely won't get a nod because the show is sci fi and on a cable network not affiliated with one of the national broadcast networks. Grumble grumble.)