These Cats Don't Give a Fuck About You Making the Bed

Cats are adorable, but they also couldn’t give less of a shit about you, your life or your struggles. Especially if either of those things require them to move when they don’t want to. Meet Cole and Marmalade, two cats who could start an entire consulting company catering to cats who want to learn how to be as obstructive as possible when it comes to household chores.


As someone who does not have a cat (but desperately wants one), I thought this might be a deal-breaker for me, but then I realized I haven’t made the bed in the last two years or so, so unless the cat’s peeing all over everything or putting dead birds under my pillow, we’re good. Just another excuse to keep an untidy home.


The Gaysian

Speaking of cats... This guy on Imgur (I have sources this time Mark)