These Awesome Grandma Bridesmaids Are The Best

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If you're trying to keep your special day about you, here's some advice: Don't ask your grandma to be your bridesmaid. You think a 5-year-old with a basket of rose petals and a penchant for being photographed might steal the show? Well, you haven't seen anything yet. The New York Times just posted a video about three grandmas who absolutely killed it at their granddaughters' weddings. Killed it.


All joking aside (you don't joke about grandmas!), this video is really touching. All three women profiled were invited to be part of the wedding due to the close relationships they share with their granddaughters regardless of age or distance. And none of these ladies are old-fashioned. One of them even uses Skype! (NO ONE TELL HER ABOUT FACEBOOK!)

The best part is how happy all of the grandmas are to be part of their granddaughter's special day. It's a great watch, but I'm warning you now, there might be some crying. (Both in the video and at your computer.) (But you were just chopping onions, right?)


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My Gran was my matron of honor! She is my best friend and biggest supporter. So many people were initially surprised by my choice to have only my Gran stand beside me on my wedding day, but at the reception we both got many a teary eyed complement on our special relationship. Plus, there was zero wedding party drama. Grandmas for the win!