These Amazing Portraits Prove That We Look Just Like Our Moms

And/or our dads. And/or our siblings. Basically: Genetics are wild/highly predictable.

In French-Canadian photographer Ulric Collette's photo series “Genetic Portraits”, he mashes two family members faces together and the end results are surprisingly close to looking like actual human faces. Brava, mother nature!

Sure, some of the portraits are far from non-insane looking, but many of the resemblances are uncanny.


As FullyM points out:

[I]f you cover one half of the image with your hand, and then the other half, you can clearly picture how different each person is, but then when you look at them both, you notice so many similarities.

Genetics are crazy! Faces are crazy! We really are our mothers! Ahhh!

[Ulric Collette via FullyM]

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I always have such a love/hate relationship with these things. I always end up overly fascinated by people who have strong familial resemblances.


ETA: I understand the sentiment and I say this lovingly: but it's rilly, rilly not the same when you're not adopted and don't resemble your immediate family. It's just not.