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There's More Evidence Pointing to Sanaa Lathan Being the Beyoncé Biter

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Earlier today Jezebel wrote about the ongoing discussion regarding who in the hell bit Beyoncé’s face at a Jay-Z concert afterparty in December 2017. And while it’s hard to know exactly which actresses were in attendance (since we don’t exactly have a guest list) (and nobody invited us for some reason) sleuths pointed out that Sanaa Lathan was in attendance.


She denied the claims in a cheeky tweet, saying that she did NOT bite Beyoncé, but if she DID do it it would have been a “love bite.”


But, as we know now, Tiffany Haddish is a great, loose-lipped storyteller. And she sure as hell doesn’t tell a story once and leave a sense of mystery to a situation. It’s why whenever she opens her mouth to speak I will listen to her with such eagerness that she may as well have come down from a cloud holding the Ten Commandments.

So, cut to TMZ reporting that, per sources close to Haddish, the comedian has told “multiple people” that Sanaa was the one who, reportedly, playfully bit Beyoncé. Hunter Harris over at Vulture also reported that a tipster says Haddish actually told this story before at a comedy show in January 2018, hinting that the culprit dated French Montana. And Lathan was rumored to have dated the rapper.

So who was Becky with the Good Teeth? We may never know for sure, but I’ll let you ruminate on this new evidence.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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i want to know what drugs she was on. bath salts or e?