Now that Kim and Kanye have confirmed that they’re pregnant—well, she’s pregnant, but if anyone’s going to use the “we” it’s Kanye, am I right?—sources have been coming out in droves to let media outlets know the sex of the Wests’ upcoming collaboration before it drops. Allegedly, the new baby is a boy.

According to Us Weekly. Kardashian and West are delighted to hear the news that they’ll be giving North a little brother. A source told the magazine that Kanye couldn’t love Nori anymore than he does, but that he’s always dreamed of having a son. And for her part, Kim’s allegedly already making sure the baby is going to be more stylish than any child (and probably adult) you know. She’s apparently been out shopping for clothes even though she’s battling some of the worst morning sickness known to man, sometimes being rendered unable to get out of bed.

The pregnancy is both a source of excitement and relief for Kim and Kanye who’ve done everything they could to have a baby this past year. Not only did they consult every fertility specialist known to man, they also talked to psychic John Edward who probably just asked them if they knew anyone whose name started with the letter T and then spit vague remarks at them until Kim started crying (I know because I used to watch his show all the time).

In the wake of these rumors, Kim has tweeted that “nothing is true if you haven’t heard it from me” and denied having told anyone the sex of her baby, but who are you going to believe—the mother-to-be or inside sources?


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