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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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There Is Only One Fyre Festival!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Please, in all that is good and fair in the world, stop dishonoring the good bad name of the Fyre Festival by comparing other disastrous events to it. The Fyre Festival is and will always be one of a kind.

Fyre Fest was, in fact, an event destined for spectacular failure, an epic once-in-a-lifetime amalgamation of events sent from above, for which a lot of bad things had to go wrong, from Ja Rule saying, “Yes, I will do this,” to poor planning, which led to a catastrophic series of errors and lawsuits.


In the months since, the Fyre Festival name has been used in vain to forge comparisons to things like Milo Yiannopoulos’ Free Speech Week, the New York Pizza Fest in Brooklyn (which served up half-dollar slices to unsuspecting gentrifiers), a Fashion Week party thrown by Galore magazine and Juicy Couture, and a classical music festival that “billed itself as a world-class, star-studded shindig, but ended up leaving orchestra musicians and soloists unpaid,” according to Vulture. A taco festival in Portland also ended in flames.

When an event of such beautiful, chaotic proportions comes along, it’s tempting to reference it repeatedly, as many have:


‘Fyre Festival’ of pizza parties offers refunds after small slice disaster (Page Six)

A Classical Music Festival Just Had Its Very Own Fyre Festival-Like Implosion in Rhode Island (Vulture)

This party is being dubbed the ‘Fyre Festival of Fashion Week’ (Page Six)

SF startup, the ‘Fyre Festival of wireless earbuds,’ shutters (SF Gate)

Jezebel is also guilty:

Welcome to the Fyre Festival, But for Cheese

But now is a good time to end those comparisons and let Fyre Festival live as it died, in singular disgrace.