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There Is a God: The Sequel To Pitch Perfect Is a Go

Illustration for article titled There Is a God: The Sequel To emPitch Perfect/em Is a Go

The potential sequel to the best movie of our time is definitely happening. The Hollywood Reporter brings news from that magical land to the west that Elizabeth Banks will direct it and that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are "likely" involved as well.


As previously reported, Pitch Perfect scribe Kay Cannon (of New Girl, 30 Rock, Baby Mama, etc.) is writing this sequel as well. And though Banks developed and produced the first movie, this will be her feature-length directorial debut.


Please feel free to commence with your Pitch Perfect gif party and speculation about returning cast members. Pitch Perfect haters, please: ANOTHER DAY.

Image via Universal Pitctures

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Kate Dries

Benji better be back, that's all I'm saying.