Yes. Yes there is. This is the actual name of an emergency homeless shelter in Juneau, Alaska. From our good friends over at Christian Nightmares, via the Friendly Atheist and Romenesko:

I was so convinced that this was a joke that I phoned the Glory Hole, where I got an answering machine message informing me that it was, in fact, the Glory Hole. It's run by a group called Juneau Cooperative Christian Ministry, which I really feel is objectively a better name than the Glory Hole.

There's no news here. I just wanted you to know. I feel kind of bad about this. If you want to donate to the Glory Hole, you can do so here.


Update, March 11:

Today we received a very nice email from Mariya Lovishchuk, the executive director of the Glory Hole. With her permission, I am quoting it in full:

Hi Anna,

Nice mention of the Glory Hole shelter on Jezebel!

Our name is pretty interesting. The Glory Hole is a mining term and Juneau is an old mining town. The name change was considered on several occasions, due to the other meaning of the term Glory Hole :), but as you can see the name was never changed. We also thought that we could sell a bunch of t-shirts and capitalize on the name, but not much luck.

Thank you very much for including a donation link. I am not sure if anyone will or will not donate as a result, but wanted to point out that the link does not work and am wondering if it would be possible to link to our website instead:

We are currently working on building a 32 unit Housing First project for folks experiencing chronic homelessness so any additional funding would be a great help.


A previous version of this post misidentified the Glory Hole as a shelter for men only. Turns out the Glory Hole is for everyone. I regret the error.

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