There Are Only Four Docs Left Who Perform Late Term Abortions

After Dr. George Tiller, one of the few physicians in America to perform late term abortions, was assassinated by anti-choice zealot Scott Roeder in 2009, only four doctors who perform third trimester abortions remain.Third trimester abortions make up fewer than one percent of all abortions in the United States, and there are only nine states that currently allow them.


The new documentary After Tiller follows these four doctors, and seeks to explain who they are, and what they face on a day-to-day basis. As co-director Lana Wilson says in the above video, "People coming to these doctors for late term abortions are in incredibly desperate circumstances." She adds that the doctors wanted to "help people understand why women might seek a late abortion, and why these doctors might be motivated to risk their lives to keep doing this work."

It sounds like a fascinating examination of the very brave people who are front and center in the long and difficult war on women's reproductive rights, and it premieres at Sundance today. Too late for a Park City road trip?

[via The Takeaway]


Is a late-term abortion any less invasive or dangerous than simply inducing labour and having the child adopted? Serious question here.

ETA- I recognize that in some cases the mother's life could be in danger, but what about in other cases?

ETA again - I gave this reply to one answer, but I'll put it here since so many people have responded already. I acknowledge that there are reasons for late-term abortions (probably should have given other examples in my post). My question is simply about the procedure- is it any less invasive or dangerous than labour?