This week in Mark Frauenfelder Finds the Best Shit, he's tracked down a memoir written by Julie Dawn Cole, the actress who played the Girl Who Had it All But Never Even Knew It, Veruca Salt, in the good original Willy Wonka.

The book, published in July of 2011, is called I Want it Now! A Memoir of Life on the Set of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

, and it has great reviews on Amazon. Best of all, if you have a Kindle (or a way to read Kindle stuff, which isn't that hard, Google is your friend), it's free!


The description sounds excellent:

Julie Dawn Cole has written an enchanting and richly illustrated memoir that offers a rare look behind the stage curtain to this ageless film. Splendidly illustrated with personal letters, never-seen-before photographs and documents; her mesmerizing story chronicles the entire production experience and tells of the remarkable journey of how she became known worldwide as a really bad egg. Filled with countless funny and touching memories, her story takes readers behind-the-scenes of Willy Wonka and the resulting coming of age journey that brought the cast together again after nearly a quarter century. I Want it Now takes readers beyond the world of pure imagination and behind the scenes to this universally cherished motion picture. A true-to-life Charlie Bucket tale, Julie's story is unforgettable...


I'll take it!

One tidbit that's shared in the comments: Cole says that Gene Wilder was "kind" and "well-liked". That makes me happy because he seems wonderful, and I'm in love with his romance with Gilda Radner. I hope one of you dear, talented Jezebel readers will do the heavy lifting research and then write a movie about them. Do not worry, it'll be worth your while, I will purchase at least three tickets to opening night.


Oh, also, the kid who played Charlie grew up to be a large animal vet and spends his time saving horses and basically being exactly the person you'd want Charlie Bucket to grow into.

[Amazon, via via Boing Boing]