The View Loses Three More Advertisers After Mocking Nurses

Illustration for article titled iThe View/i Loses Three More Advertisers After Mocking Nurses

The View has taught the American media a very valuable lesson: don’t mess with nurses. Last week Joy Behar angered nearly every member of the profession when she wondered why Miss America contestant and nurse Kelley Johnson was wearing “a doctor’s stethoscope,” and mocked the pageant contestant with co-host Michelle Collins.


Nurses were obviously pissed and advertisers began cutting ties with the show almost immediately. On Friday, familiar daytime television advertisers Eggland’s Best and Johnson & Johnson announced that they had pulled their advertising from The View. Yesterday Party City, McCormick, and Snuggle also announced that they would no longer advertise on the talk show. “Please join us in thanking and celebrating nurses for the critical role they play in our healthcare system,” Snuggle told Us Weekly.

Behar, ABC and The View have all since apologized for their comments, but to no avail. So let’s all thank nurses, not just for their necessary work, but for finally being the force that brought down The View.


Image via The View.

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So obviously what Behar said was wrong and idiotic, but I'm kind of surprised at this level of backlash. The people on The View have said way worse about many other groups of people (like rape survivors, for example). Curious.