The View Co-Hosts Verbally Smack Down Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter was on The View today, of which four of the five co-hosts are single mothers, a role that Coulter criticizes in her new book Guilty. As you can imagine, it wasn't pretty.

Whoopi - who, as you'll remember, threatened to beat up Coulter last week - referred to Coulter's left-hating persona as "an act," and went on to tell her that she was personally offended by Coulter's sentiments about single mothers in Hollywood. Sherri actually sounded like the most even-toned, well spoken woman of the bunch when she asked Coulter if she has an compassion and ever does anything to correct the "problems" she identifies (like talking to young girls about the importance of birth control), instead of just judging all the time. But instead, Ann wanted to complain that she was "attacked" in an earlier segment before she was on camera, alleging that Barbara read aloud from her book as though it were Mein Kampf. Ironic, since she's always going on about "victimization." Sherri put her back in her place, though, when she told her she didn't like how she was speaking to Babs. Joy's face during the entire thing, btw, was great.

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I die a bit inside everytime I see another media outlet has allowed this woman to speak to the public...