In the endless Merry Go Round that is the cast of The View, Page Six gossips that, as has been rumored previously, this fallā€™s new hosts of The View will definitely be Candace Cameron Bure (of Full House) and Paula Faris (of Good Morning America Weekend).

ā€œWeā€™re told Bure is being hired in a desperate attempt by producers to have a ā€˜controversial conservativeā€™ personality similar to former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck,ā€ Page Six notesā€”which is certainly more likely to happen with her than with outgoing host Nicole Wallace, who ended up being far more moderate and reasonable than was expected for a former member of the Bush White House. (Though, a reminder: Hasselbeck was reportedly fired for being too conservative and alienating viewers. Now she works for Fox News.)

Recent attempts to increase The Viewā€™s ratings with host changes have been futile. Hereā€™s a list of all the hosts theyā€™ve gotten rid of or who have left since 2013:

  • Sherri Shepherd (rumored to be coming back as a regular contributor)
  • Rosie Oā€™Donnell (for the second time)
  • Jenny McCarthy
  • Rosie Perez
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  • Joy Behar

A few left after being on the show for years, after Barbara Walters stopped being involved with the program on a full-time basis. At this juncture, others (like Jenny McCarthy) were brought on to ā€œspice things up,ā€ only to be fired after a season. There were certainly issues with the show during the Barbara years, but itā€™s clear that since her departure, thereā€™s been no real vision for the program, which has seen competition from shows like The Real and The Talk, not to mention a bevy of other morning talk shows that crop up as tests every summer (Ice-T and Coco and Boris and Nicole being this yearā€™s).


At this point, the line-up for Season 19 season looks to include only one old-timer: Whoopi Goldberg, who will be joined by Raven-SymonƩ (who has part of a season under her belt), Michelle Collins (part of a season), Bure (guest appearances), Faris (guest appearances), plus a few contributors like Molly Sims, Stacey London and Shepherd, who have appeared before

After spending who knows how much money doing dramatic test episodes last fall to get the chemistry of that cast just right, to start all over less than a year later means thatā€”yet againā€”the headlines The View is making are because of their embarrassing failures, not their successes. At this point, theyā€™ve made the only compelling reason to watch to see it all burn downā€”you know, if youā€™re into that sort of thing.


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