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Nicolle Wallace Enables Raven-Symoné's Craziness In Her View Exit Speech

Nicolle Wallace officially said peace to The View today in an emotional exit speech that included a special shoutout to Raven-Symoné for her kooky political views. Just what we need.


In the clip above, a tearful Wallace talks about being grateful for the opportunity to co-host The View and refers to Whoopi Goldberg as a major love of her life:

“I love you guys, and you know, I never thought I would get this job in a million years. I was more surprised to get it than I would have been to not get it. I would’ve been more surprised if they kept me around ‘cause I am the original political nerd...I have loved being a part of this table. I have loved sitting in this chair and it was never mine, but I’m lucky I got to occupy it for a little bit.”


Wallace also had some kind words for Raven-Symoné:

“I love you to death. I love you to death. And I think that what you say about politics is so spot on because it’s true. And it’s not just your truth. It’s true for a lot of people in your generation, so keep talking about politics. Don’t let anyone tell you that people don’t want to hear it.”

Farewell, Nicolle.

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Cherith Cutestory

It’s true for a lot of people in your generation, so keep talking about politics.

So, basically: “All of your generation is insane. They need a spokesperson.”

And I am also 100% okay with Raven being that spokesperson.